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Touch Shell Free is an application which provides a contemporary and user friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) for Windows Mobile Platforms. Within the user interface, you will note a “Today” screen which is actually a frequently used application listing that will display all the recently and frequently used apps and functions in a quick find format.

The Touch Shell Free GUI allows the information and functionalities of your Windows Mobile device to be viewed and accessed in the most convenient display and it includes a full-screen clock, Alarm, SMS, Email, calls, locks and more. The program brings them to you with easy access so you do not need to go down an endless file path to locate and utilize these functions.

The Touch Shell Free allows for customization of the GUI with skins as well as the addition of intense graphics and ultimate 3D effects.

Touch Shell Free is an application offering a modern and flexible user interface for Windows Mobile Devices. The ultimate must-have for all Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone users, Touch Shell Free makes your device more usable than ever. The application features an additional Today screen, which brings all the most frequently used Windows Mobile functions at your fingertips and displays all the necessary information in a readable format. Full-screen clock, SMS, e-mail, alarm, calls, lock, appointments - now you don't need to waste your time endlessly pressing keys when you want to access these functions. With Touch Shell Free they are all at hand, saving you time. Solid and stable, yet easy-to-use, the program is designed to enhance the Windows Mobile Device user experience.

Touch Shell Free enables stylus-free control over the functions, and, what's more, the user interface is totally customizable. It also provides a shortcut to Today Windows Mobile Screen. The shell adds rich graphics and fabulous 3D effects to the Windows Mobile interface. Choose one of the stunning skins to give your device a new modern look, and enjoy the logical finger-friendly interface. Just give Touch Shell Free a try - and you will love it immediately. And don't hesitate to check it out, as the app is absolutely free.

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.NET Compact Framework 2.0

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